Consultancy Service Centre

Consultancy Services are offered to Industries, Service Sector, Govt. Departments and other National and International agencies in niche areas of expertise available in the University.


  • To bring together the best of specialized professionals to offer consultancy services for mass benefit and gain.
  • To improve quality and standards of academic performances.
  • To provide opportunities for dialogue among practicing consultants.
  • To increase the understanding of consultancy’s true role in both industry and academia.
  • To provide opportunities for individuals to improve their technical skills through specialized training and career development programmes.
  • To collaborate with local and international institutions for the promotion of standards in consultancy practice, manpower training and research.

To create, maintain and extend high standards of Consultancy Services in the following sectors –

• Institutional Quality Maintenance
• NAAC Assessment and Accreditation Procedures
• Institutional Autonomy Preparation
• Research profile enhancement
• IT Savvy Institutional development
• Faculty Development Programmes
• Digital Media Development
• Web Site Development
• Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship Development
• Career Counselling
• Personality Development
• Research Enhancement
• English Communication Skills
• Internships
• Institutional IT Security/IPR

• Business Development & Evaluation
• Start Ups
• Office Financing
• Project Implementation
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Green Auditing
• Environment & Occupational Health Supports
• Technical Supports
• Conference/Seminars

• Audit
• Taxation
• Book Keeping & Accountancy
• Portfolio Advisory Services
• Operational Supports
• Financial Management & Planning
• Foreign Financial Matters
• Project Financing