Digital Learning Centre

The Digital Learning Center (DLC) provides an interdisciplinary, project-based learning environment that embodies 21st Century techno based learning. The DLC offers unique problem-based learning environment services for both individuals and Institutions. The centre provides cross-curricular explorations in the following areas-

DLC creates a project-based learning environment that embodies 21st century learning through ubiquitous technology, featuring IT integration with academia. The key features are:

  • Teaching that is student-centered with the instructor acting as a resource and guide.
  • Integration of core academic coursework & standards through thematic relationships and dichotomies
  • Inquiry and project-based learning for exploring themes
  • Extensive collaboration for student-produced outcomes
  • A global perspective that cultivates 21st-century learners

Services offered

  • Digital/Technical assistance for organizing online Webinars
  • Digital library generation