Research and Innovation Centre

Research and Innovation Centre envisions being a leading international research centre providing value-driven real-world solutions, enabling the acquisition, management, and execution of educationally relevant and economically sound research initiatives. It aspires to lead, integrate, and deliver multidisciplinary research and towards achievement of excellence by innovative research and investigative engagements.


  • To collaborate with International and National Institutes of repute to create a culture of high achievement
  • To promotes shared responsibility, the ethical conduct of research, and compliance
  • To enhances researchers’ abilities to obtain and manage grants
  • To strategically invests in promising research and researchers
  • T creates integrated services, transparent research administration, infrastructure, and streamlined processes
  • To advocates for the societal needs to the research community
  • To enhances the ability to perform research in a global community
  • To develop skill and capabilities for interdisciplinary research

Services Provided


  • Internships
  • Assistance and support in Project Report writing
  • Assistance and support in Synopsis compilation
  • Assistance and support in Research paper writing
  • Assistance and support in Dissertation writing
  • Assistance and support in PhD writing
  • GIS based Map generation for research purposes
  • Geospatial Research Analysis for research purposes


  • Institutional Research Data Base Creation
  • Academic Audit
  • Research Audit
  • GIS based Map generation for research purposes
  • GIS based Layout generation for building signage

The organization also facilitates publication of research papers in reputed Peer Reviewed, UGC Care Listed, Scopus Indexed and Web of Science listed journals